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Mom, writer, volunteer, rocker chick, REALTOR®, & Associate Broker. Those are the words Shannon uses to describe herself. She has two adult children, Nick (an Eagle Scout) and Lindsey (an author), whom she homeschooled through high school graduation. She’s served her community volunteering as a hospice worker, a foster mom to 19 babies and toddlers and has been to Russia three times to volunteer as a camp counselor for orphans.

Shannon has two degrees: one in Marketing Management and another in English and Professional Communications (Magna Cum Laude with high honors). Her background in real estate investing, real estate blogging, marketing, communications and house flip projects has given her a unique perspective on real estate that few other agents have.

Shannon loves hard rock and 80’s hair bands, foreign travel, reading great biographies and being the world’s greatest Joan Jett fan. Shannon currently serves as Speaker’s Bureau member and President of the Marietta chapter of Parents, Family & Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG).

News from Shannon

Coming Soon: Invest Atlanta’s 20PLUS Program

Do you make less than $55,750 and still want to buy a home? Invest Atlanta’s 20PLUS program (coming soon) offers 20% of the home purchase price towards your down payment and closing costs, and may be compatible with down payment assistance programs offered by Invest Atlanta community partners. Homebuyer Incentives Invest Atlanta offers homebuyer incentives that can […]

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